Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Schools in Session

A month ago I was accepted at Antioch school in the Masters of Education / Teaching Credential program.

This was the first week of class. Syllabi's have been passed out and I know everyone's name. Teachers seem incredible cool and professional. Very good feeling. Doubt is creeping in but it seem likely that I can pass through the next year. Confidence is high. First paper is on Philosophy of teaching.. a joy to write!

From time to time I will posting videos to support your enjoyment. Today's feature is a clip from the past: 3 year old Cole Federbusch "reading" a book that he had memorized (news to us!). Enjoy:


  1. What treasures reading to a child can unlock!

    Shiver me timbers matey...we must have a good

    teacher amongst the crew one of the priates


  2. The video makes my heart sing.